About Red Ocean Games

Red Ocean Games was formed in early 2013 in Aalborg in Northern Denmark by a small and ambitious team of recent university graduates. After working together as freelancers and students it was an easy decision to join forces – and Red Ocean Games was formed.

We’re passionate about creating fun and immersive games, and feel that with our blend of theoretical and academic backgrounds, coupled with years of building experimental games, we’re bringing together the best minds for building games.

Meet the team

Alex Hauge

Alex Hauge

CFO & Game Programmer

Alex knows rapid prototyping like the back of his hand, and with a (M.Sc) in Medialogy, DADIU, he knows how to work with both large and small teams.


Jon Ravn-Grove

Jon Ravn-Grove

CTO & Lead Game Programmer

He has worked on prototypes of Subway Surfers, been interning at EA DICE, and created award winning prototypes. With a (M.Sc.) in Computer Science Jon is our algorithm-ninja with a keen eye for optimization and game design.


We work with


Game Development

We have years of experience creating games for web, consoles, desktop and mobile devices.


Rapid Prototyping

We carry projects from paper prototyping to finished product – quickly and efficiently.


Interactive Installations

We connect binary with atoms – from joysticks and buttons to RFID tags and multitouch.


Network Communication

We know our sockets, ports and protocols – just tell us what to connect.


Game Design

We’re constantly prototyping games, testing out new ideas - keeping us sharp.



We do consultancy work on games, interactive installations and apps.

With a little help from our friends!

Despite our small size, we’re able to take on a wide range of tasks, due to a solid network of collaborators that we’ve worked with in the past and bring in as freelancers, which allows us to cover fields like animation, VFX, rigging, modelling, storyboarding, audio design and 3D printing!